For the third year Performing Stars has held its event entitled “Enlighten – Young Women Exploring their Futures” during Women’s History Month in Marin City.  The purpose is to connect professional women and teenage girls who live in low income areas of Marin County. Over 150 girls in the 5th through 12th grades attended. The majority live in Marin City, a primarily African American community in Marin County.

Performing Stars of Marin is a non-profit organization founded in 1990. We provide access to professional training in the performing, visual and literary arts, as well as social skills and various enrichment opportunities for youth who are underserved due to economic, cultural or social barriers.

Executive Director Felecia Gaston invited women she has met throughout the 25 years of Performing Stars: donors, supporters, volunteers, friends and acquaintances. The group included educators, heads of foundations, corporate executives, judges, attorneys, retail managers, entertainers, scientists, law enforcement officers, medical professionals and many others.

All of the young girls were asked to complete a questionnaire before the event which outlined their career goals, interests and their strengths and weaknesses in school so that we can assist them in reaching their personal and academic goals. The girls and women were seated together in groups of ten which provided them an opportunity to share information, which was enlightening and rewarding for all. Each girl attended workshops featuring etiquette, skin care & make up, fashion and Inspirational speaking.

This annual event in Marin County  is a huge success. For many of these girls, this has been a life-altering experience. Most of them would not have had the opportunity to sit down to talk with a judge, marine biologist, news anchor or police chief. Some of the women have become mentors for girls interested in their professions.