Our Mission

Performing Stars transforms the lives of low-income, primarily multicultural, children throughout Marin County by using enrichment programs to build pride, character, discipline and self-esteem. Our programs help youth develop good work habits and positive social skills, enhance academic performance and professional readiness, improve critical thinking and communication skills, and gain the confidence they need to overcome the limitations imposed by poverty.

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Thank You!

Your partnerships have contributed to Performing Stars' success these past 25 years.

Most of our children typically lack the adult support, exposure, nutrition, and equipment needed to feel confident in any new situation. Performing Stars serves as the "security blanket" which helps make it possible for "our children" to try new things and succeed. History has shown that youths participating in Performing Stars have become strong young people who are poised to make good personal decisions. Our Kids Thrive!
Donations like yours helps to provide Performing Stars with the equipment, and wrap around services needed to provide programming for curricular development.
Performing Stars of Marin resources come from local level, private corporations, community partners, foundations, and individual donors and volunteers.


30 years

30 years serving communities

Performing Stars was founded in 1990 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with the belief that providing involvement in art, music, theater and other enrichment opportunities for low income and at-risk children would help them "reach for the stars" as they grew and matured rather than acting out in negative ways.


3,000 kids

Three Thousand children Impacted

Since 1990, Performing Stars has served over 30,000 low-income and at-risk children with little paid staff. Thirty years of history shows that youth participating in Performing Stars have become strong young people who are poised to make good personal decisions.


Our Programs

Performing Stars is diligent in researching the needs of both our program partners and prospective students in order to place the students in appropriate scholarships while helping to resolve any obstacles in the student's path. The relationship between self-esteem and personal success has been documented many times. Performing Stars provides a broad-based support, giving each child the tools to move forward into adulthood with confidence.

  • Assistance applying for scholarships to, and/or special placement in, existing afterschool and summer enrichment programs such as – music, theater and dance programs, sports and recreation classes, camps, training workshops, and internships.

  • Opportunities to perform on stage at various community events.

  • Help acquiring program related equipment, supplies, and uniforms (instruments, clothing, costumes, etc.) through special discounts and donations.

  • Access to group field trips to the Symphony, the Nutcracker, the Mountain Play, Marin Theater Company, Marin Shakespeare, sporting events, and a variety of other local and regional events.

  • Transportation assistance, chaperone support, and nutritious snacks

  • Special invitations to workshops, presentations and performances by professional actors, dancers and musicians.

  • Life-Skills workshops and coaching to help participants prepare and gain confidence to attend enrichment programs, performances and other events.

  • Trusted mentors, advisors, and chaperones support participants in all aspects of their life, connect them to vital community services, and assist with family and program partner communications.

  • It takes more than a scholarship or discount performance ticket to inspire real change in a child’s life. Without our supportive wrap-around services, not only would these experiences be completely inaccessible to our students but they would also fall short of their truly transformative potential.


Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and help Performing Stars. If you would like to enroll your child into the Performing Stars afterschool programs, please contact us at performingstars@sbcglobal.org or call us at 415.332.8316.


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Enrollment is easy. If you want to enroll your child, get in touch and we’ll get the process started.

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers help us help the many at-risk kids in our underserved neighborhoods. Get in touch for our latest opportunities.

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Our kids thrive thanks to the generosity of our donors. Contact us and we’ll point you to the best way to donate.